By Sandra Tribioli, MBA, CPT, CHHC, AADP

“But, if I can’t go with a friend, then I don’t really know anyone there to hang out with…”

“And who will take care of my kids and dog?”

“Not sure if I can afford this… humm but maybe later!”

Our mind will keep on playing tricks on us like a broken record, and we will always find reasons as to why we can’t or shouldn’t be doing something — even thought that one thing is what we desperately need to be able to recharge, reboot and gain the perspective we need to stay healthy, strong, and well spirited. What we really need to function, to feel human and feel alive!

You see, our brains kind of works like Google does — always looking for the shortest, fastest, and quickest answer to whatever we ask for.

We feel guilty for ashamed for investing money on ourselves. But why?

Maybe there is a discerning part of us telling us maybe it’s not worth it. We become altruistic and just decide stay home and deal with the push and pulls we endure day in and day out.

But then you see friends, family and even colleagues taking good care of themselves, who make the time to follow their hearts across the world, to create boundaries and strive. Then regret hits!

But not for very long, because there’s always next year, right?

So, when do you think is the right time to show up for yourself?

To stop searching for answers and act!

Asking our brain for all the reasons why you should or should not go on that retreat you’ve always dreamed of, can go on forever. Whether you just want to recharge your batteries, overcome burnout, promote healing, achieve personal growth, master new skills, discover your purpose, this unique way of traveling will nourish your soul. 

There are many reasons, but here are my top 5 why you should consider a wellness retreat instead of a vacation:

1. Feel real relaxation, stillness, and inner peace.
Even if you don’t have kids, as a woman you probably find yourself taking on the role of a caretaker or a giver — sometimes 24/7, always looking after others, and always putting yourself in the bottom of the list. A retreat, short or long, will provide you with much needed time-out to really reflect, chill and forget all the daily demands and pressures in your life.

This is your time, you earned it, and you can refocus on yourself to rejuvenate, and reinvigorate your mind, body, and soul. Giving yourself time and space to breathe, to balance and heal is so fundamental to properly function, to reduce stress, anxiety and in some cases depression. A women’s retreat is a wonderful sanctuary of love and peace to be still, and to replenish your soul.

Self Care

2. Self-care
I believe we all need more self-love and care in our daily lives. We need to believe in our self and self-worth. Way too often, we end up at the bottom of our to-do lists, but the truth is, if YOU are not feeling your best, then anyone and everything around you will be affected by this in a chain-reaction effect.

Women are naturally the nurturers of the world, but it’s our biggest challenge to take all our love, care, and compassion, and show it to ourselves.

This is how we take care of ourselves, and take care of our friends, family, and responsibilities. Bluntly, there is a reason why airlines want parents to fix their oxygen masks first, before having a plane full of unconscious parents and unsupervised toddlers.

Going on a retreat is re-affirming to yourself that self-care is a necessity, and it isn’t selfish — no matter who tries to tell you different. This is straight out the simple truth!

Long-term health

3. Long-term health and wellness benefits.
Most people book vacations instead of retreats, but most vacations aren’t that relaxing! Right? I’m sure of the many times you’ve said, “Oh! I’ll need a vacation after this vacation.” Think about it for a moment — you’re trekking around these gorgeous vast resorts and making sure to fit some sights in the short window of time you’ve got, or you’re busy looking after your kids making sure sunscreen is always on, or you’re on a gorgeous paradise island, but you can’t help but to check emails in case anything disastrous is happening back at the office.

We return home more exhausted than when we left! A retreat has a specific intent behind it — it’s all about you, celebrating your consciousness awakening your soul, revitalizing your body, bonding with like-minded women, and finding your empowered self.

Yoga Girls

4. Sisterhood
“We’re all connected, as women, sisters, wives, mothers. Just like spiderwebs, if one part of the web vibrates, then those close to us can feel it, nonetheless most of the time we’re just too afraid, egoistic, or anxious to ask for any help. But if we don’t help each other, then who will?

Our shared feminine energy as women means that just like magnets, we are naturally drawn to one another, perceiving energies, and empathizing with the many similar experiences we have in our daily lives. Our intuition helps us understand one another, when usually masculine energy doesn’t. This cannot truly be explained, but it just is.

Retreats dedicated to women, and those yearning to make a profound difference in the world, are essential to help unlock our unique abundance codes, remove barriers to our liberation, amplify and build relationships, to grow stronger and closer, to create an incredibly powerful force capable of transforming lives and even businesses.

Immerse yourself

Photo Courtesy of Palmaïa, The House of Aia.

5. Immerse yourself in some mama nature & grounding.
When we allow ourselves to walk barefooted, swim, or even run around in nature, we are reminded of the boost, balance, and connectedness of life. A magnificent place where we are reminded of all we should be grateful for, and all the beauty that we are surrounded by — even when we fail to notice it or recognize it.

Whenever we feel stressed, or worried, or unsure, removing ourselves from the situation and our thoughts, and going for what I call, “sanity walks” can work wonders. Going outside helps us see the world (and our glitches) in a different refreshing new guiding light.

Retreating with a group of like-minded women to a stunning location and being cocooned by Mother Nature is an effective way for us to reconnect with the universe, and very importantly with ourselves.

So, unplug, get inspired, don’t be afraid of creating new empowering experiences with other women. Your someday is right now!

If something or someone is calling you to go on a wellness retreat — open your eyes, listen, follow your instincts, and create a plan to make it happen.
Grab a notebook and make a list of the top 5 reasons why you should go, and why this very important and essential step will benefit you, your mental health, career, as well as your future self.

All you need is wanting, and rest assured the Universe will conspire to make it happen.