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The Om All Day podcast features an engaging conversation with Philipp von Holzerdorf-Felling, the founder of Lila, delving into the fascinating realm of quantum technology. Philipp shares his transformative journey from a high-ranking corporate career to becoming a dedicated entrepreneur in the field of biohacking and holistic wellness. Throughout the discussion, he sheds light on Lila’s innovative products, referred to as Lila blocks, which leverage concentrated quantum energy fields for various health and well-being benefits.

Philipp begins by highlighting the importance of transitioning from corporate life to entrepreneurship, emphasizing the need to follow one’s passion and dreams. Drawing from his own experience, he encourages individuals to proactively pursue their calling, even if it means leaving the comfort of a secure job. This theme of personal growth and fulfillment serves as a backdrop for the overarching conversation about quantum technology.

Lila’s journey is intricately tied to Philipp’s personal exploration of spirituality and holistic well-being. He recounts a pivotal moment in the early 2000s when he realized the disconnect between his emotions and intuition, prompting him to seek change. This led him to delve into practices like yoga, meditation, and energy healing, eventually inspiring him to embark on a mission to learn from the world’s best healers.

In 2005, Philipp’s path intersected with that of his wife, who possessed the rare ability to see auras and energy fields. This encounter marked a significant turning point, sparking a commitment to helping people reconnect with their innate connection to the divine. The couple embarked on a journey involving shamanic healing practices, energy healing techniques, and a deep exploration of consciousness through yoga.

The conversation then transitions to Philipp’s decision to leave corporate life in 2016, driven by a profound realization that he needed to align his life with his heart’s calling. Despite appreciating the benefits of his corporate experiences, particularly in understanding electromagnetic fields in the cell phone industry, Philipp felt compelled to focus on his true purpose.

This shift in perspective led to the founding of Lila, with a core vision of providing products that enhance consciousness and well-being. Philipp introduces the concept of quantum energy, emphasizing that at a fundamental level, humans are beings of energy and frequency. The mission of Lila is to leverage this understanding to restore balance to aspects of individuals that may have fallen out of equilibrium.

The discussion touches on the practical applications of Lila’s quantum technology, with Philipp providing insights into the functionality of Lila blocks. These blocks, available in different sizes, contain super-concentrated quantum energy fields that harmonize frequencies within a given radius. Philipp details how the blocks can be placed in various environments, such as yoga studios, offices, or homes, to positively influence the energy and well-being of individuals in those spaces.

The versatility of Lila’s products is evident in their ability to harmonize electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and other detrimental frequencies. Philipp emphasizes the measurable impact of these products, citing over 59 placebo-controlled studies conducted globally, showcasing the positive effects on blood health, immune system activation, and reduction of negative EMF effects.

One remarkable aspect of Lila’s quantum technology is its application in water structuring. Philipp explains how placing water or groceries inside the Lila blocks can lead to the harmonization of substances, contributing to potential health benefits. He highlights a partnership with the Emoto Institute in Japan, renowned for its work on water, which validated Lila’s technology’s ability to improve water quality.

Philipp further discusses the ability of Lila blocks to charge metals and crystals, enhancing their vibrational frequency. This has tangible effects, making objects like jewelry more aesthetically pleasing and, according to those who can perceive energy, vibrating at a higher level. The discussion extends to the impact on crystals, particularly Lemurian crystals, unlocking their dormant knowledge and potential.

The conversation explores the simplicity of using Lila’s products, emphasizing that they are accessible to individuals of all ages. While the possibilities for using the technology are vast, Philipp reassures that getting started is easy and requires no extensive training. The user-friendly nature of the products aligns with Lila’s mission to make quantum technology accessible to everyone.

Philipp also shares specific scientific studies conducted on Lila’s technology, such as those revealing an increase in ATP production—considered the currency of the body—by 20-29%. This breakthrough finding challenges mainstream perspectives, showcasing the non-invasive yet powerful impact of Lila’s quantum energy fields on cellular energy production.

The discussion concludes with Philipp addressing potential concerns and skepticism surrounding quantum technology. He acknowledges the need for further research and data in certain areas, especially in the context of reducing allergic responses to substances charged in Lila blocks. Despite this, Philipp remains confident in the positive impact of Lila’s technology, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize well-being and consciousness on a global scale.

In essence, the Om All Day podcast with Philipp von Holzerdorf-Felling provides a comprehensive exploration of Lila’s quantum technology, weaving together personal anecdotes, scientific insights, and practical applications. The conversation encapsulates the transformative power of aligning one’s life with passion and purpose while offering a glimpse into the revolutionary world of quantum wellness through Lila’s innovative products.

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