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In this episode of the All Day podcast, Ari discusses the importance of stories and their impact on people. Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell, a published author and book coach, shares her story of growing up in New York City with Cuban parents who moved to the United States. Growing up in a different community, she learned the importance of storytelling and using proper words to convey her experiences. She also had a successful modeling career, which she found to be an incredible gift. 

In 1990, the modeling industry came to Miami, and Sandra visited the area, where she lived with her family and friends. She enjoyed the clean, renovated environment and the opportunity to see the casting process. Sandra’s book, “Crosses of a Diamond,” is about her journey through love and heartache, and she believes that sharing her experiences and lessons can help others. 

The podcast also features an entrepreneurial series where entrepreneurs share their journeys and create a ripple effect around the world.
The speaker shares her experience of moving to Jamaica after a rushed divorce due to her mother’s cancer. She then decided to leave Jamaica and move to Los Angeles to write a book, which was her decision. 

The book, titled “Faith over Fear,” is a multi-author series that explores the theme of faith over fear. The speaker is happy to work with clients and shares her excitement about hearing their stories. The book is a valuable resource for women who are struggling with loneliness and fear, as it helps them find purpose in their lives. The speaker believes that the book is a powerful tool for helping women overcome their fears and find purpose in their lives.

The speaker discusses the importance of personal experiences, stories, and journeys in inspiring and transforming others. They emphasize the power of sharing one’s story, as well as the healing and transformation that occurs within it. They also share their own experiences of vulnerability and shame when writing their own book. 

They remind authors and clients to tell their truth, connect with their ideal reader, and demonstrate their capability to help others. They emphasize the importance of authenticity in sharing their experiences. They also emphasize the importance of being honest about mistakes and ensuring that people understand their perspective. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of making a book tangible, as it serves as a constant reminder of the author’s journey and capabilities. 

They also highlight the importance of having a book on one’s bookshelf as a constant reminder of their journey.
The speaker discusses the transformation that occurs for authors when they write a book, focusing on understanding their intentions and the journey they have been through. They emphasize the importance of groundwork and understanding one’s purpose before starting the writing process. 

The book becomes a love letter, allowing the author to embody their new way of being and guide others through their journey. The speaker also discusses the depth of their impact on others and the importance of coaching them in their writing journey. The speaker suggests that writing a book can be a cathartic process for anyone, whether it’s for personal growth or to help others. 

The first step is to identify the sensation of helping and serving, which can be amplified by sharing one’s story and vulnerability. The speaker encourages others to consider writing a book as a way to serve and help others, as well as work on building a supportive community.

The speaker stresses the importance of writing a book and connecting it to one’s life experiences. They argue that the best story is one that is directly connected to one’s current actions and requires healing and attention. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of connecting the story to the person’s current situation and the impact it will have on the audience. 

They suggest getting Sandra’s checklist, boot camps, and webinars to help with this process. The speaker also mentions the value of taking oneself out of the equation when writing and sharing with true intention. They also recommend getting Sandra’s checklist and boot camps to stay updated on her writing workshops and events.

The podcast discusses the cost of getting a book published, which can be a significant investment. Before the COVID pandemic, people were writing book proposals, hoping to be picked up by a traditional publisher. However, now they are not getting advances unless they have a massive following. The publishing world has undergone a dramatic shift, with only 3% of people publishing.

The podcast then shifts focus to helping solopreneurs and authors write ebooks and create lead magnets to grow their businesses. The publishing house was born, and the difference between them is self-publishing and indie publishing. The podcast also discusses the hidden costs of publishing, such as marketing, and the need for support from the inner circle. The success of a story, book, or business depends on the author’s intention and what they put behind it.

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