A leader in the yoga, business and wellness fields, Arianne is the owner of the Yoga Expo, a 2x published author, international yoga teacher and digital business coach for holistic entrepreneurs. She’s the founder of Arianne Om – Evolve Creative, a consulting and creative marketing agency. She leads the podcast for wellness and yoga lovers Om All Day, is the marketing chair for TedXMiami and is the head of BossTalks Miami.

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In this episode, Ari Best Coach discusses the importance of self-care and how it can go wrong. As the CEO of two companies, a household, and a real estate investor, Ari often prioritizes her daughter, husband, and clients over self-care. 

The word “self-care” has gained importance due to the pandemic, which highlighted the need for time to reflect and align action accountability. Ari suggests changing the word to “self-attention” to emphasize the importance of self-attention in creating the right care, support system, and level of time. The conversation also touches on the influencer Jenna Kutcher’s two-hour morning routine.

The speaker discusses their self-care routine, which includes waking up at 530 AM, picking up their family, and practicing meditation. They have two meditations, one for seed cells and one for chocolate clearing, and spend time stretching and sun saluting. They wake up with their daughter, prepare their coffee, and eat breakfast. 

They focus on fasting and taking their daughter to school. As the day winds down, they spend time with their daughter, playing, and creating interactive games. They cook healthy meals, and they spend time with family. They also get massages, get nails and hair done, and engage in self-attention. The speaker emphasizes the importance of mental health in their self-care routine, as they struggle with time management and the demands of their busy lifestyle.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of being aware of one’s feelings and thoughts, as it can impact the effectiveness of yoga and meditation practices. They suggest that high levels of responsibility, such as being a caregiver or stay-at-home mom, can lead to a lack of self-awareness and introspection. 

They suggest taking a breath and asking oneself simple questions to help shift self-attention and avoid self-deprecating behavior. They also suggest using small tips and tricks, such as making a post-it note, reminding oneself, and being grateful for life. The speaker acknowledges that being a high achiever can make it difficult to focus on the little things, but they are grateful for the support they receive.

The speaker discusses the importance of self-care and the challenges of achieving success in today’s fast-paced world. They highlight the importance of recognizing and addressing the imperfections in our lives, such as weight gain and stress. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning from our mistakes and focusing on the opportunities that come with growth. 

They also discuss the concept of the law of tensegrity, which encourages us to be aware of our imperfections and to take steps forward in a way that feels good for us and our lifestyle. The speaker encourages listening to others, acknowledging that we are not perfect and that we are imperfectly beautiful. They end by expressing gratitude for the listeners’ support and encouraging them to live a home-filled life and grow closer to a high vibe.

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