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Aaron, a Yogi and author, shares his unique perspective on how to heal your body through yoga, massage, and experience with personal body work for over 2 decades. He had a kid, which got him out of his stretching routine and he could no longer stretch. 

He started the Stop Stretching Pulls channel to show people how to do functional yoga depending on how their bodies are. The body and living healthy have always fascinated Ari.
Coming from a family of healers and practitioners, Ari was introduced to kinesiology at the age of seven. Ari believes that people need to stop accepting surgeries as normal and use more common sense to prevent illness. As a result of having taught yoga for over 30 years, Ari has developed fairly intense chronic pain from various injuries.

An orthopedic surgeon told me I may have to get a spinal fusion in my lower back because of a disc herniation. Hearing that made me realize that yoga is healing; it starts healing from the inside but also gets stronger as you increase your range of motion. As people get older, their flexibility may nosedive a little, but I believe yoga starts healing you internally first. 

Ari commented that many people are like Aaron and that many people think they need to be flexible, but they don’t realize that it is actually not normal to be flexible.
Aaron counters that, like Ari, many people like her are not so flexible, and Aaron does not believe that a lot of people are as flexible as we think we are and that flexibility is not beneficial for everyone. 

To sum it all up, Aaron and his unique ideas, techniques, and methods are proof to the world that we don’t have to live with pain in our lives. We can live without surgeries and prescription drugs. We can enjoy our lives and live them to the fullest. The author then begins to talk about all the necessary things, such as how to stretch?.

The speaker then mentions that everyday people will mostly want to stretch their faces to look beautiful and not look old. Every day, people want to stretch for two things: looking beautiful and looking young. 

The speaker also mentions that not everybody thinks stretching is good for them, but it makes you feel good. Some of the things Ankha poses questions about are: how to put the movement in muscles; how do you get the muscles to work when they want, not just when you want them; and how to put the stress in joints when you need it, not just whenever you want.

The speaker also discussed how to utilize proprioception, which is the ability of the brain to transmit messages to the muscles. If a muscle loses the ability to contract, it also loses the ability to proprioception. As we start to age, the muscles lose proprioception, as if there were any trauma to them. Stress will also cause the muscle to lose proprioception. 

The speaker is saying that yoga is not only about one thing; it is also about a healthy mood. The speaker states, “Elite gymnasts or something you can train, or if one ever has a stop gap of zero range, turn to their bodies; they bounce back super, super guaranteed (Appendix II, Lines 38–40). 

The speaker is asking, Why teach yoga on getting your hamstring contracted, hamstring to strengthen, and glutes to activate? Isn’t that what most yoga is about? To sum up, the speaker stresses the significance of knowing the function of muscles and the possible injuries you could get from over-stretching.

The conversation is centered around the idea that yoga is changing or evolving. And just like everything else, it has to change. There are smart, intelligent places that movement should go but there are also places we should not be going. People thought that yoga was moving to a smarter place of movement—movement that goes more towards this place where we belong, not where we’ve evolved into or where we’ve gone wrong. People are definitely moving away from what the actual purpose of yoga is. People are realizing the eight-step system.

They are realizing where yoga started and stopped and where it moved away from. Asana is one step out of the eight-step system. Asana is the eight-step system so as we saw in other cases, like when we went over the sutra, we got into his eight-step system. Skiing is one step out of those eight steps. Hatha yoga really is the boot of all the yoga that we all do. Everyone asks. Don’t chuck people down the road; at least I had class before. Haskell sent those patterns that we had in me to sit in those round moves that are soundly up a road. Only write if your mind knows that there is no man.

You have a long way to go. You are already in the wilderness. It might be placed next to where we are going to stop moving with the rows of people. That hour, people are stopping the logical talks with an emmy. They realize this once in soccer classes. Laughs at the one who volunteers to keep it. A queda will assist athletics because I rushed and my body expectancy in ingredients full of market easily sat there a need to add herbs and assembled stuffing ingredients into the. In the west and the east, it is the physicality, which is perfect and amazing.

At Western yoga alone, you are not trained in flexibility, and putting your foot behind your head is not in any yoga scripture. So it is wrong that we pursued attitudes and the cultivated desire to not be so Ashtanga personal. What is your “i‚i“? It has been this lipit and were not the entire this immediate satisfaction end, no Nirvana by typing would read people for if there were laid back on and hidden guns. It is and not likely yoga will help countless others try to take it.

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The producer who is not totally sure it’s a stretch class is conducting or not covering all or some of this knowledge. The speaker is saying that you must get rid of the things that are in your way of living your purpose and moving beyond your self-imposed limitations. What the speaker is saying is that yoga should be a practice of removing the obstacles between who you really are, what you really stand for, why you were put here on this planet and how you live your life on a path to fulfilling that unique destiny.

The speaker then goes on to explain the importance of forward folds and what a forward fold does: it awakens the energy in the spine and the deepest part of the human body. Even though the forward bends do have the same energy, the twins could get the same energetic fact even if one of them just brings their forehead to their knee. I think if they both bring their arms out to the side and do a heart opener, that will have the same energetic effect.

The speaker’s mission is to connect people and help people in unique ways, which is such a great way to deliver the message and will for sure make people feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. They are dressed in yoga pants and a shirt that says, “Stretching feels good,” which is a great attention-getter because I do believe stretching does feel good, and our unique way of doing yoga will help you reach your goals. Find your flow and ease your inspiration.

Aaron Alexander, CR, LMT, and CPT, is an accomplished manual therapist and movement coach. His clients include members from all walks of life, ranging from Olympic and professional athletes to motocross champions, celebrities, and weekend warriors. He writes for various health and fitness publications, while he also lectures and teaches workshops around the country. Aaron advocates for individuals to take responsibility for their own well-being.

He has a Whimsy Factor of 12. Aaron Alexander, CR, LMT, and CPT, developed a chronic pain recovery treatment program. His passion is to provide people with effective, preventable, posture-based, and most importantly, reversible action for chronic pain. Aaron believes that youth is in the spine and if started from the periphery, success will come. Aaron utilizes yoga, functional movement, muscle testing, and massage techniques to assist with his Miami chiropractor practice.

Ari also offers teacher training, books, and online courses for those of you really wanting to get set up for success. The Yokai Club is a place where I offer free content and resources. At the beautiful retreat center Blue Spirit in Costa Rica, he leads a pain-free yoga retreat and yoga teacher training immersions. The retreat center has three levels, 1, 2, and 3, suitable for everyone to attend as well as for those who want to embody this knowledge and pass it on to others. We’re really out to inspire hope and change people’s pain stories. So I want to encourage you to come to the Yoga Expo. It’s in January and March.

This January, Aaron is doing a workshop on that Friday; he’s doing a class on Saturday. I encourage you all to go to the expo. You can come for free; we can reschedule for you to come for free and the Yoga Expo will have free sessions going on.

In Ari’s video, they mention not just trying to fix what is broken but to analyze what has caused the issue and Rita made such a strong point about pain not always being there, but what has been causing the pain would always be there. I found this really interesting because it’s easy to be blind to things like this because we just think about our pain and try to fix it, when in reality we should be fixing the issue of why we are in pain.

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