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Myra, an amazing lightworker, shares her journey to discovering her divine gift of connecting to the source and spirit. Growing up in a spiritual household, she was initially ashamed of her father’s ability to see through the veil. However, after attending a retreat through the American Board of Hypnotherapy in 1998, she discovered her gift. 

She has been studying channeling for three years, learning to channel light language and reawakening what’s dormant inside of herself. Despite not having the gift as naturally as her father, Myra is determined to get more into the field and uses her channeling skills in her sessions. She hopes to become more involved in the field and use her channeling skills to help others.

Light language is the language of your soul, a concept that has been around for centuries. It is a healing tool that can be accessed through hypnosis, a relaxation induction technique, or visualization. The cellular body receives these codes, which are then used in various chakras. The process involves past-life regressions, which are done through hypnosis, which is not a trance but a natural state that can be reached even while asleep. 

The technique is not random, and clients are guided by their higher selves to reach deeper levels. The goal of a session is to provide understanding, closure, strength, and opportunity. The speaker plans to lead a session at the yoga expo in January, offering deep relaxation sessions for listeners.

The speaker discusses their practice of meditation and the importance of relaxation in their daily lives. They mention the popularity of past-life regression therapy, which has gained popularity due to its effectiveness in tapping into the unknown and trauma. The speaker acknowledges that some clients may not be able to heal through talk therapy, and they believe their clients are hand-picked by their team.

They also discuss the benefits of past-life regression therapy, such as reducing anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and sadness. The speaker also mentions the ability to identify where clients are holding onto traumatic memories, which can lead to immediate feelings of peace and well-being. The speaker values past-life regression therapy as it provides support and healing for clients dealing with traumatic issues. 

They also mention that most clients find their website through Google searches. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding what works for the client and focusing on deeper cellular work rather than just talking therapy.

Past-life regression (PLR) is a simple session that involves healing, channeling, and messages coming through. For those seeking a more advanced experience, Dolores Cannon’s Shakti technique, also known as the Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique, is offered. In this session, the practitioner spends time getting to know the client and recognising the main characters in their life, often recognising them as best friends or siblings. 

The session must be conducted in person, with about 70% of the work being done remotely. Soul Ascension is another option, available globally. For deep divers, the higher self is channeled and questions are answered. Common misconceptions about past life regression include the possibility of getting stuck, but it is valid and can be effective for clients with ADHD. Once the skill sets of hypnosis are acquired, practitioners can guarantee that someone will reach a state of relaxation.

The speaker discusses the concept of hypnosis, stating that it is a deep meditation that allows the listener to tap into their creative side, holding memories. They emphasize that hypnosis is not a snapping sensation but rather a process that involves carefully choosing participants who are suggestible.

The speaker also discusses the importance of tapping into past lives for personal growth and alignment with one’s life. They mention that each client’s journey is unique, and they feel confident that a shift has occurred. The speaker encourages clients to follow up with them after their session as the healing process continues. They suggest scheduling a mini session to focus on a specific past life, but avoid being too focused on the past. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following up with clients to ensure they feel better after their session.

The speaker discusses a relaxing meditation that involves surrendering to the unknown, allowing oneself to relax, and letting go. They encourage listeners to feel the support of their body, breath, and spirit and to imagine a bubble of white light surrounding their body. The speaker also praises the power of their work and invites listeners to visit their website and social media for more information.

They also mention their YouTube channel, Soul Science Hypnosis, which offers over 200 sessions. The speaker also mentions their upcoming yoga Expo in Pasadena, Los Angeles, where she will be leading a class and offering special pricing for booking sessions. The speaker also mentions their personal RB stock coach, who helps women grow their businesses and impact the world. The speaker concludes by thanking listeners for their time and encouraging them to continue practicing their practices.

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